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   As an artist Jongsuk Lee, she endeavors to express the lively sprouting energy and force with points, lines, areas, or simple figures and colors, from the wide nature and the life environments dissolved through her various inner self — mysterious color changes over time, various shapes of spaces and memory fragment.


   Born in Gangreung, grown in Seoul, she spent her middle school days painting various nature scenes, through which she expressed profound nature colors on the canvas getting engrossed in the beauty of nature.  Her depth of expression have grown deeper as she used a variety of pencils and other tools to represent the minute details of brightness gaps while painting still objects and still watercolors or sketching still objects and dessin.  Through this period, she entered various contests for middle/high schoolers in Seoul and was honored top prizes in most of all these events.


   Majoring fine art at the School of Art in Seoul National University in 1982, she intimated a variety of themes and materials spanning a number of genres such as abstraction and concreteness.   In parallel, she also worked on various prints such as silkscreen, etching, lithography.  These trainings assisted her identify the direction of her work and her own art world, enabling her expressing thoughts on the canvas liberally.


   After graduating from college in 1986, she actively continued her work, including three-artist exhibitions, until she married and formed a family.  She resumed her works when her kids grew old enough to be independent.  In 2011, She worked at Group TER for six years as a coordinator for international exchange exhibitions including Japan and other countries.  She was once appointed as vice chairperson of the organization. At the same time, she also is actively participating in several organizations such as Hanul Hoe, an association of Seoul National University Art graduates, PENTAS and ChangMi Hoe.


   Over the years, she held many solo exhibitions, in Korea as well as in Paris, while also entering various domestic and international Arts Fairs and group exhibitions.


   At present, she devotes herself preparing for an upcoming solo exhibition in Paris on April, 2023.

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